Monday, March 27, 2023

Meet Sylvester, this week’s adoptable pet. Brought to you by Tito’s!

Sylvester the cat is ready to be a purrrr-manent member of your home! (Southside Daily Photo/Jessica Guckert)

Have you ever traveled to a new place where you didn’t know any of the people, didn’t speak the language, or didn’t recognize your surroundings? In this situation, were you outside of your comfort zone, did you act not quite like yourself? Well, Sylvester can totally relate. He remains in awe of how some of the animals at the Norfolk Animal Care Center (NACC) can carry on as if nothing in their lives has changed. For him, however, change takes time and extra bravery to adjust. During his stay at the NACC, Sylvester has shown that despite being scared at first, curling up in a ball and hiding, he is in fact very kind, gentle, and even has a silly side when interacting with his new human friends. We even have the videos and pictures to prove it! Just ask, and we’ll show you what you’d be missing out on without Sylvester in your life. If you would like to meet Sylvester, come by the NACC at 5585 Sabre Road, call 757-441-5505, or visit to schedule an in-person visit.

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