Friday, March 1, 2024

Beau’s greatest ambition in life is to keep his family happy!

Beau make his family's lives complete! (Southside Daily Photo/Bonnie Castellow)
Beau make his family’s lives complete! (Southside Daily Photo/Bonnie Castellow)

What is your pet’s name? Beau

What is the breed of your pet? German Shepherd

How was your pet’s name chosen? Name meaning

What’s one memory you have of your pet that really shows off their character? Beau is a quick learner, but his Loyalty to our family shines.

If your pet were a famous historical figure, who would they be? Abraham Lincoln

What’s a personality quirk that seems entirely unique to your pet? The way he stretches when he gets up.

If you could tell your pet one thing, and they would understand every word, what would you tell them? Down

How did you meet your pet? He barked at us.

If you had to guess, what is your pet’s greatest ambition in life? To keep us happy.

Submitted by: Bonnie Castellow

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