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Calypso is named after a goddess and has her own social media page!

If you're lucky, Caly might even wink at you! (Southside Daily Photo/ Jordan Rumsey)
If you’re lucky, Caly might even wink at you! (Southside Daily Photo/
Jordan Rumsey)

What is your pet’s name? Calypso (Caly)

What is the breed of your pet? Beagle

How was your pet’s name chosen? I got her during a winter storm in Norfolk in 2010 and named her after the goddess of water (Calypso).

What’s one memory you have of your pet that really shows off their character?When she was a puppy, my mom visited me at ODU to see her and she hopped onto my bed and started “making a nest” to sleep. I told my mom, “Look how cute!” and then she peed on the bed.

If your pet were a famous historical figure, who would they be? Winston Churchill

What’s a personality quirk that seems entirely unique to your pet? Sometimes she winks at people.

If you could tell your pet one thing, and they would understand every word, what would you tell them? I take you everywhere with me, so why do you eat the blinds if I leave you alone in the house for 5 minutes?

How did you meet your pet? Found her cute little face online through PetFinders.

If you had to guess, what is your pet’s greatest ambition in life? Sleep all over the country (check out @wherecalysleeps on Instagram)

Submitted by: Jordan Rumsey

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