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W&M grad returns as OB/GYN physician

Dr. Christina Cox Lebreton prepared for “long run” with the women in the community

She felt good about her undergraduate experience at the College of William & Mary and knew the direction she was headed in. First a master’s degree from VCU, followed by a medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School; then an internship and residency programs out of state. At that point, she had the skills to practice medicine anywhere in the country. But when the chance presented itself to practice back in Williamsburg, Christina Cox Lebreton, M.D., along with her husband and young daughter, took advantage of the opportunity. And it wasn’t a tough decision.

I grew up in Northern Virginia and my four years at William & Mary were a very special time for me,” said Cox Lebreton. “The area has grown and changed since I was last here, but that special sense of warmth and welcome I remembered is still very much in place. I enjoy showing my husband around and seeing it all through his eyes. We both agree that it’s a good place to raise our 10-month-old daughter. I feel strongly that this area is also the right place for me to be part of an OB/GYN practice.”

Trained in the Latest Advancements
“Like other fields of medicine, obstetrics and gynecology have experienced significant advancements,” she said about her field. “There have been some real innovations in reproductive medicine, pregnancy care, disease detection and treatment, pelvic floor health and other aspects of the field. Having recently completed a rigorous residency program, I’m able to bring some of the most current techniques and knowledge to my practice. Being aware of the latest developments and staying current is essential and it can play an important role in patient safety and optimal outcomes.”

A Place on the Team
Dr. Cox Lebreton began her practice as part of Riverside Medical Group, one of the largest multi-specialty group practices in the state. As a result, she had the immediate support of a network of providers connected through technology and the shared belief that the standard of care they provide is the same standard they would apply to their own families. “I’m fortunate to have some exceptionally well-trained and experienced colleagues to work with,” said Dr. Cox Lebreton. “We come together as a true team. And by listening carefully to the women in our care and involving them in decisions, we make sure they’re an important part of the team, too.”

A Marathon, not a Sprint
Along with specialty services, OB/GYN physicians provide primary care for many patients. That means a strong emphasis on wellness, preventive care and education, the kind of care that focuses on the whole woman and extends over time. “Some years back, before motherhood and medical practice, I did some long-distance running, including a few marathons,” she said. “You have to pace yourself over the miles and for me that’s the perfect metaphor for women’s health. My goal is to establish long-term relationships, to be there for women of all ages through the different stages of their lives. When it comes to practicing medicine in this community I expect to be in it for the long run.”

Christina Cox Lebreton, M.D., is currently accepting new patients at Riverside Partners in Women’s Health at 120 Kings Way, Suite 3400, Williamsburg, VA 23185. For more information call 757-253-5600 or click here. 

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