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Work Nimbly to Feature Local Artist Kelly Seeber

Local artist Kelly Seeber's work is on display and available for purchase at Work Nimbly now through March. (Courtesy Work Nimbly LLC)
Local artist Kelly Seeber’s work is on display and available for purchase at Work Nimbly now through March. (Courtesy Work Nimbly LLC)

Work Nimbly’s rotating art gallery welcomed the work of a new artist last week, as more than 20 pieces from local multimedia artist Kelly Seeber took up residence in the office.

The co-working space, which opened in 2014 as place where small business owners and people who normally work remotely could go to benefit from a more traditional, collaborative office setting, has played host to several different art shows over the past year.

“We moved into the space with each of us coming from a home office, so we needed art,” said co-owner Natalie Miller Moore of how she and her fellow founders – Gretchen Bedell and Jenn Haynes – came up with the idea to use the space for rotating collections of art.

An opportunity presented itself when Linda Matney Gallery owner Lee Matney was preparing to move several pieces at his gallery into storage to make room for a new show; Bedell suggested he move some of them to display at Work Nimbly instead.

By early 2015 the space was hosting different collections of art quarterly and by that summer the shows were becoming increasingly focused on highlighting the works of one specific artist at a time.

The latest collection features the works of Seeber, the artist behind Urban Theory Studios. Her art “ pays homage to her travels around the globe and her time in urban San Francisco” and has “a raw, urban aesthetic which is energetic and bold,” according to a recent news release from Work Nimbly.

Seeber works primarily with acrylics, permanent inks and graffiti markers and experiments with different techniques to give each piece depth and texture.

“Kelly’s art is bright and edgy, not what people think of when you say urban and gritty,” Bedell said.

The art itself provides what Moore describes as an “interesting contrast” with the rustic, classic architecture of the building that houses Work Nimbly, which is located on the second floor of a building near the Five Forks intersection.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to show my art in the Work Nimbly space,” Seeber said. “A number of the pieces were created just for the show with this particular space in mind. It was fun to create some pieces that are simply colorful, playful and bold.”

All work is for sale and will be on display at Work Nimbly through March during business hours, which are 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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