Sunday, July 21, 2024

Bacon Street Gets Updated Name, Look

Bacon StreetAfter months of discussion among staff, board members and clients, Bacon Street has settled on a new name: Bacon Street Youth and Family Services.

Formerly named the Drug Action Center, the organization commonly known as Bacon Street is a community resource for troubled teens and their families.

For 45 years, Bacon Street has offered youth substance abuse counseling to young adults and their families, as well as educational materials and programs in the community.

The new name is may not seem significantly different from the old, but the update represents thoughtful consideration of what purpose a name should serve.

“For some people, the old name just didn’t make sense. It didn’t tell you where we were- we are not located on Bacon Street- or who we serve,” Executive Director Kim Dellinger said. “But for others, there was so much history in the name, and we did not want to lose that connection. Bacon Street Youth and Family Services seemed the perfect compromise.”

The new name is accompanied by a new look for a total rebranding of all things Bacon Street.

Campfire & Co., a branding and design company based out of Richmond, is behind Bacon Street’s “new, energized” look, which will include completely redesigned information and marketing materials and an updated website.

The timing of the rebranding coincides with Bacon Street’s larger effort to “re-engage with the community and the families that they serve,” a recent news release said. This includes ongoing initiatives to reinstate outreach and prevention programs in local schools and raise awareness of substance abuse issues in the Historic Triangle.

By honoring the past, refocusing on the present and revitalizing the organization’s look and feel, the new Bacon Street Youth and Family Services is hopeful it will be able to continue to provide relevant and necessary services to young people in the community for years to come.

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