Where We Live: Chickahominy Haven cottage with whimsy

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In Chickahominy Haven there's a small, waterfront home that the owner, Diane Branscome, describes as a “charming artist cottage.” 

It’s charming with a whimsical quality -- skulls and crossbones carved out of the shutters, a corrugated tin roof in the kitchen,  and sea shells encrusted on the walls and ceilings -- which fits nicely in the small riverfront community.

“Chickahominy Haven' is s a very unique neighborhood, in that it's very much a community. People do know each other, and people do interact on a regular basis,” Branscome said.  "It is a great place to be. The house itself is just a peaceful house. It kind of takes you to a calm place.”

The two bedroom and one bathroom home, has a very simple and open living space, which the owner describes as being beneficial to enjoying the experience of living on the water.

“You don't have rooms that you're not using, you don't have elaborate things to take away from, you know, your experiences. That's part of what makes it so tranquil," she said. “It's a very tranquil space...but not dull."

Behind the house is a dock with a boat lift that allows access to the Chickahominy River, which is essential for enjoying the riverfront lifestyle.

“You've got the nature right there on the water, but you also have that tranquil house to retire to," Branscome said.

The iconic, skull and crossbones shutters, is a fun detail that Branscome for years has wanted to add. The effect she wanted was, when the shutters were closed the light shines through and illuminates them at night.

“It's just a fun house, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and that is what I truly do love about it.”

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