Jamestown Unearthed: Archaeologists explore tombs at center of 1901 woman-led dig

The interior Memorial Church at Historic Jamestowne. Archaeologists Mary Anna Hartley and Bob Chartrand excavate along the northern wall to the left of the frame. The chancel- the holiest place in the church- lies in the background along the eastern wall. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)

In 1901, Mary Jeffery Galt and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities broke ground on the remnants of a 17th-century church in Jamestown. More than a century later, a team of archaeologists from Preservation Virginia are doing the same. Their goal is to learn as much as they can about the historic churches […]

Unsilent night: A rundown of live holiday music in the Historic Triangle

Old-world caroling in Jamestown

From Americana and big bands to classic English carols, holiday concerts abound in the Historic Triangle and they draw on a variety of musical traditions. Williamsburg Library Theater will swing in the season with the Ford’s Colony Dance Band on Thursday, Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. The 90-minute “Happy Holidays” show will have favorites and vocal […]

Jamestown Unearthed: Well excavation answers some questions, raises others

Excavation began last week on a well within a cellar. (Elizabeth Hornsby/WYDaily)

In May the archaeologists at the Jamestown Rediscovery Project made their first foray into the well within the cellar they have been excavating for the past year and a half – a long-awaited project they hope will answer questions about this somewhat unusual structure. As recently as this spring archaeologists were looking forward to uncovering […]

Jamestown archaeology museum debuting new exhibits


For the archeologists and conservators of Preservation Virginia’s Jamestown Rediscovery Project, unearthing the buried secrets of the James Fort is only half the job description. Once the artifacts come out of the ground, the team must decide what to do with them. In most cases, the items are carefully catalogued and stored away in the project’s […]

Historical Park visitors spent $191 million in region in 2015

American, French and British air force officers walk toward the Yorktown Battlefield, the site of the last battle of the Revolutionary War, Dec. 12, 2015. (Photo by Kirsten Petersen)

Visitors to Colonial National Historical Park, which includes attractions like Historic Jamestowne and the Yorktown Battlefield, spent $191.5 million in the region in 2015, $4.5 million more than in 2014. An estimated 3.3 million people visited Colonial National Historical Park last year. The money they spent supported 3,173 jobs in communities surrounding the park, according to […]

Jamestown Unearthed: Spring Brings Flood of Interest in Wells

William & Mary geology students collect data from wells around Jamestowne. From left to right: Pamela Braff, Jacqueline Huettenmoser and Vincent Cunningham.

As spring comes to Historic Jamestowne and the archaeologists return to the field for the year, one unusual feature will be taking center stage at the Jamestown Rediscovery Project in the coming months: wells. Because of their propensity to collect artifacts of interest, wells have long been thought of as veritable treasure troves in archaeology, […]

Jamestown Unearthed: Visiting Research Fellow Dives into Jamestown Trade Networks

Lauren McMillan has spent the past month at Historic Jamestowne as a research fellow investigating colonial Jamestown's trade network. (Elizabeth Hornsby/WYDaily)

Though the cold, snowy weather has kept the dig sites at Historic Jamestowne closed down for the month of January, the reprieve from fieldwork affords the members of Jamestown Rediscovery an opportunity to double down on research and invite visiting archaeologists to investigate their collection of artifacts. One such archaeologist is Lauren McMillan, a visiting […]

Jamestown Unearthed: Conservators Hunt for Clues About Jamestown Church Bell

Archaeologists at Jamestown have unearthed pieces of bells of all sizes, ranging from small sleigh bells to fragments large enough to have come from a ship's or church bell. (Elizabeth Hornsby/WYDaily)

This holiday season is all about bells for the archaeologists and conservators at the Jamestown Rediscovery Project. Copper bells were a common decorative item in England, used on horses or in the homes of the wealthy to summon servants. Though these types of uses for bells were superfluous in the colony, many bells still made […]