Maurice E. Graham: Treating 30 kids a day for 35 years

Maurice E. Graham, M.D., weighing in on the situation with a patient.

On any given day, Dr. Maurice E. Graham diligently attempts to bring health and wellness to children who are ill. From ensuring the proper growth of premature babies, to mending sports injuries – and everything in between – he has spent the past 35 years working as a pediatrician in Williamsburg in hopes of promoting a […]

Rev. Carleton Bakkum: Started in the circus, survived a shooting and found his way to God

The Rev. Carleton B. Bakkum

The Rev. Carleton B. Bakkum, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in historic Yorktown, celebrated 27 years of service with the church this past July. Bakkum’s easy-going and welcoming nature casts no doubt that he was meant for this position in life. Born in Dalton, Georgia, he was raised in the First Presbyterian Church. He said […]