Williamsburg free clinic earns CDC recognition for diabetes care

free clinic

A free health clinic in Williamsburg has won recognition from the Centers for Disease Control for its efforts in preventing type 2 diabetes. The Angels of Mercy Medical Clinic, 7151 Richmond Rd., provides health care to underinsured and uninsured patients from greater Williamsburg and Charles City and New Kent counties, according to a release. It’s the first […]

Exercise yes, pills no: doctors unveil guidance for lower back pain

tai chi

If you have lower back pain, the last thing you should do is take prescription narcotics. That’s the message issued Tuesday by the American College of Physicians. The new guideline, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, says doctors should encourage patients with lower back pain to try exercise and alternative non-drug approaches, including heat, massage, acupuncture, […]

Salt therapy: grandma’s spa secret gaining wellness converts

(Courtesy Williamsburg Salt Spa)

It’s in virtually every kitchen. Nutritionists say to avoid it. Yet from the Virginia Peninsula to California, it’s being touted for health benefits, from spa customers to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. What is it? Salt. And chances are, in one form or another, it’s in a spa near you. “It is a natural breathing treatment,” […]

Local world running champion debunks ‘runner’s knee’

World champion runner and Colonial Road Runners Board of Directors member Stephen Chantry (Courtesy Stephen Chantry)

We’ve all heard of runner’s knee, but what if the hitting the track or the trails wasn’t actually as bad for your joints as previously thought? One study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that long-distance running isn’t necessarily inherently bad for your joints. In the experiment, healthy men and women ages 18 to […]

Local nutritionist touts diet designed to feel like a Mediterranean holiday

The Mediterranean diet

Dieting gets a bad rap. Calorie counting. Small portions. Chasing the latest fad, from carb-avoidant Atkins to hunter-gatherer style with Paleo. What if the secret to better health meant eating like you were on a seaside Mediterranean vacation? Think fresh fish, tomatoes and olive oil. Whole grain bread. Fresh fruit. That’s the premise of the Mediterranean […]

Radon: The house guest you don’t want

Know your radon number

It’s thought to be the leading cause of lung cancer among people who don’t smoke. It’s radioactive. And it could be in your house. What is it? Radon: a naturally occurring, odorless gas. It’s found in homes in all 50 states, including Virginia. It’s a human carcinogen and a public health risk acknowledged by the Centers for […]