Startup gives nod to historic Jamestown with craft beer ware

Ceramicist at work

If a Norfolk-based artisan has his way, one day he’ll make craft-beer growlers inspired by a jug found at Jamestown. That’s part of a long-term vision for Richard Nickel, an art professor at Old Dominion University who is one the co-founders of Norfolk Growler Co. Meanwhile, the startup’s handmade ceramic containers make for a succinct elevator pitch. “This is a […]

Williamsburg outlets lose their exclusive, but maybe not their edge

WBPO faces competition

Come July Fourth, Williamsburg outlet stores will have at least one fewer customer. Nicole Wilkens, a blogger from Virginia Beach, no longer plans to make the 60-mile trek to the Historic Triangle to shop for fashion bargains.  Instead, she’ll shop at the Southside’s first outlet mall, Norfolk Premium Outlets, which is scheduled to open June 29 with 332,000 […]

I-64 eastbound closed after dump truck crash, VSP says


Interstate 64 eastbound was closed in James City County Saturday after a dump truck crashed into another vehicle and landed in a ditch at mile marker 247, Virginia State Police say. At 2:49 p.m., a 2013 Volvo dump truck fully loaded with sand was heading eastbound on I-64 when the front tires blew, according to a news […]

Drink Williamsburg bus brakes for craft beverages, all year-round

Drink Williamsburg founders are offering a safe, responsible way for craft-beverage enthusiasts to taste what's on tap in Williamsburg. (Courtesy Drink Williamsburg)

If Lance Zaal and Adam Theis have their way, they’ll be the designated drivers for a new generation of craft-beverage enthusiasts in Williamsburg. The new tourist experience is not so much about Colonial Williamsburg’s iconic Governor’s Palace. It’s more about what the governor might have had down the street at a tavern, before riding home in a […]

Sentara Williamsburg fighting in-hospital infections with copper

Based on a recent clinical trial at Norfolk’s Sentara Leigh Hospital, Sentara Williamsburg will begin using anti-microbial copper-infused sheets, gowns, bed handrails and bedside tables. (Courtesy Sentara)

Patients at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center will be seeing copper this year. Based on a recent clinical trial at Norfolk’s Sentara Leigh Hospital, Sentara Williamsburg will begin using anti-microbial copper-infused sheets, gowns, bed handrails and bedside tables, Sentara said in a release. The copper-infused linens come in tan and salmon colors. The move comes in […]

Jamestown spotlights military history with weekend reenactments


Don’t be surprised if you see some Greco-Roman warriors in the Historic Triangle this weekend. An estimated several hundred reenactors will be in Jamestown Saturday and Sunday to showcase military history from the fifth century B.C. to the present, according to a release. The two-day event, the 33rd annual “Military Through the Ages,” is set […]

‘It’s bad right now:’ Early spring jumpstarts allergies, local doctor says

Flowers are already releasing pollen -- a rite of spring that arrived early this year in the Historic Triangle. (file photo)

At first, maybe you thought it was a cold. Sneezing. Sniffling. Runny eyes. But even with the first day of spring roughly a week away, you could be suffering from seasonal allergies. Along with February’s warm temperatures and early spring blossoms, tree pollen emerged several weeks ahead of schedule in the Historic Triangle, according to Williamsburg allergist Dr. […]

‘It can get everybody:’ Local doctor diagnoses up to 15 cases of skin cancer daily

The most preventable cause of skin cancer is exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, either from the sun or from artificial sources like tanning beds, according to the Centers for Disease Control. (file photo)

It’s a potentially disfiguring cancer. It can be deadly. And screening for it doesn’t generally require high-tech scans or anesthesia, just a trip to the dermatologist. Yet according to Dr. Donna Corvette, a board-certified dermatologist at the Dermatology Center of Williamsburg, 5335 Discovery Park Blvd., people often delay having a doctor look at a potential skin cancer, sometimes […]

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