Our hominid ancestors made tools, W&M archaeologist shows how to use them

William & Mary archaeologist Neil Norman discusses a set of almost unbelievably ancient stone tools that he brought back from a site on the horn of Africa. (Stephen Salpukas/W&M News)

Neil Norman found the tools when he and Bruce Larson were walking down the local wadi, an usually dry watercourse that hadn’t moved much in a long, long time. Seasonal rains would flood the stream, drowning animals and washing them downstream, creating what Norman calls “a buffet of rancid carrion.” Scavengers converged on the wadi, […]

Colonial Williamsburg quietly lays off dozens of employees in reorganization effort

(Courtesy Colonial Williamsburg)

Colonial Williamsburg, the second-largest employer in the city, laid off several dozen employees this week in a move to right its “financial course.” “Like historic sites around the nation,” said Joseph Straw, public relations manager for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. “Colonial Williamsburg museum and hospitality operations have experienced dramatically declined visitation in recent decades, placing […]

Mark Herring promises to eliminate untested rape kit backlog in Virginia via $2 million federal grant

Attorney General Mark Herring announced Wednesday a promise to test the state's untested rape kits with the use of a federal grant recently awarded to the state. (file photo)

There are more than 2,000 untested sexual assault and rape kits in the state of Virginia today, but Attorney General Mark Herring promises to test them all with the use of a federal grant recently awarded to the state. The Virginia Department of Forensic Science was awarded $2 million through the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative […]

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