Where We Live: Hidden marina home holds New England coastal charm

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1592 Harbor-27
(Courtesy John Walls/Third Wall Media LLC)

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Set in a marina village, the residence at 1592 Harbor Road has spacious light-filled rooms and wharf views, not unlike a home one might see in a coastal New England town.

All the 17 homes in this marina village are designed the same way, say homeowners David Trickey and Sandi Grivat. However, what sets this home apart from the others is its modern interior designed to open to the marina behind the house.

“The older architecture also kind of blocks the view. So it's kind of ironic, because it's set to look like a marina village, but the older homes have openings that are small,” Grivat says. “What we did was really bust out all of the back of the house. All of the rear bedrooms, as you've noticed, are all full sliders and wide glass, so that you maintain the architectural integrity of the village, but you really open it up so that you can truly enjoy that village.”

“You could never build this home in here, but you could transform an existing home to have these features, so you kind of get the best of both worlds," Trickey explains.

With no evidence of the marina from the front of the house, the couple enjoys surprising guests with the view.

“I purposely don't tell people that there's a marina here.” Trickey says. “I get a big kick out it when they walk in and they're like “Whoa, this is a river and a marina right there.”

Grivat explains how they designed the interior to have just that effect.

“The number one thing that I wanted from that front entrance was, I want your eyes to go immediately outside, and so that's why everything here is pretty minimalist, a lot of white, because I didn't want to compete with the view.”

The pair say transforming homes is an activity that they enjoy doing, as they have done seven renovations, and seem eager to start a new project.

“It's the thrill of the build," Trickey says. “We're not chasing the finished product, we enjoy the process and the journey of it.”

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