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A span of the Invadr which will bridge over the park's rail system. (Steve Roberts, Jr./WYDaily)

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Every time a roller coaster is constructed there’s at least one unique moment, said Susy Cheely, director of design and engineering at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

During the excavation process for the park’s newest coaster, work crews discovered a long forgotten children’s play area called the “Eagle’s Nest” buried since its heyday in the 1980’s.

“We uncovered something that we didn’t know what it was,” Cheely said. “It was like ‘this is supposed to just be dirt.’”

Busch Gardens gave a sneak peek of its first wooden roller coaster Wednesday before it is officially unveiled this spring. Known as “the InvadR,” the ride will offer nine air-time hills, including one 74-foot drop at a speed of almost 50 miles per hour, according to a news release.

Adam House, senior engineer on the project, said the coaster was designed as a smooth ride, but still give riders a reason to hang on. 

“This ride’s not going to be the fastest,” House said. “It’s not the tallest ride, but when you can take guests past other close objects, it gives you that sense of speed. This ride’s going to feel super super crazy and super fast. It’s going to be a really fun and exciting ride.”

The Invadr project was a collaboration of local contractors, local companies, and the ride manufacturer Great Coasters International, according to Cheely.

Cheely said the track design really started with the topographical layout of the area, as well as the desire to pair the wooden coaster with the wooden trapper’s village in the New France section of the park.

The coaster is set to debut this spring. The park officially opens March 25.