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Kellie Miner and Brandon Frazier were married June 25, 2016.
Kellie Miner and Brandon Frazier were married June 25, 2016.

Kellie Miner and Brandon Frazier were married June 25, 2016, at DAR State Park on Lake Champlain in Addison, Vt.

Kellie, 33, is employed as the associate director of  Graduate Alumni Engagement at the College of William & Mary. She is a daughter of Pamela and Lawrence Miner.

Brandon Frazier enjoys a career as the owner of Signature DJs.

“All that and a box of…cupcakes.”

Over a year ago, Kellie went on a first date. It lasted almost eight hours at Chipotle in Williamsburg. As they were leaving, Brandon noticed a box in her front seat with some marvelous Madagascar cupcakes from Extraordinary Cupcakes. She offered him one, all while explaining just how serious it was that she was sharing her Madagascars.

On Thursday night, the couple went back to Chipotle for dinner. After they ate, he pulled an Extraordinary Cupcakes box out of his car and handed it to her. Kellie said, “Oh, this is really light! Is it a cake truffle or something?” Brandon didn’t answer. She opened the box…to a black velvet ring box.

He asked her to marry him, right there in front of Chipotle, with his very own version of a Madagascar. After she said, “yes,” and all of the sentimental gushy stuff that comes with it, she of course had to ask, “Do I get the cupcake too?”

And she did. “I got the perfect proposal, the perfect man, the perfect ring, and the perfect cupcake to go with it,” said Kellie.