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Amanda Richardson and Kyle Harvey are engaged to be married on May 5, 2018.
Amanda Richardson and Kyle Harvey are engaged to be married on May 5, 2018.

Amanda Richardson and Kyle Harvey are to be married May 5, 2018, in Williamsburg.

Amanda Richardson, 21, is a comical care coordinator at Tidewater Orthopaedics. She graduated from Thomas Nelsen Community College in 2016.

Kyle Harvey, 23, is employed with Aberdeen Barn and Jamestown Settlement. He will be graduating from Mary Baldwin College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in History in May.

Kyle and Amanda have been dating for almost six years; the two are high school sweethearts. Kyle always keeps Amanda laughing! This past Christmas, they were excited to see each other and spend the day first with his family, and then with hers. His family’s Christmas was huge; there were almost 20 people in attendance. They exchanged gifts and visited. Amanda says “it was perfect!” She and Kyle loaded up and headed back to her house so they could build their annual gingerbread house.

On the drive home, they talked about their future. Kyle apologized that his engagement was taking so long and that he wanted to propose after he graduated in May. Amanda told him she understood and knew that he was worth the wait!

They drove up to her house and walked inside. Completely oblivious to her, Kyle was handed a little black box that he stuck in his pocket. Amanda’s mom was holding her Pomapoo dog and standing in front of the Christmas tree. Kyle walked up behind her and pushed her closer to the tree. Amanda asked him “Why are you being so weird?” As her mom moved away from the tree, it was revealed — ‘Will you marry me?’ spelled out on the tree in ornaments! As Amanda read it, tears flowed from her eyes as she turned around and saw Kyle standing there. He took her hands, as if he wanted to calm her and make her the focus of his next words. Kyle was both emotional and serious as he told her how important she was to him and he promised to always put her first.

Kyle told her how much he loved her and how he wants her to be his forever as she wiped away the tears and prepared herself for the moment she had waited so long for. “So Amanda,” Kyle said as he dropped to one knee, “Will you marry me?” Kyle cracked open the small black box he had pulled from his pocket to reveal the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen. She breathlessly said, “yes,” and he said, “well, good,” and laughed.

After he placed the ring her left hand, her parents came out with champagne and the glasses they toasted with at their wedding 29 years ago. Her dad popped the bottle and they all cheered to the couple’s future. Amanda feels lucky and cannot wait to be Mrs. Kyle Harvey!

Amanda Richardson and Kyle Harvey