W&M police investigating pro-Trump graffiti bearing swastika

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In the week following Donald Trump’s election as president, the administration at the College of William & Mary has made multiple appeals for unity on campus.

“There is no doubt that the recent campaign was enormously divisive and dispiriting,” President Taylor Reveley said in an address to students on Nov. 10. “Emotions on our campus now run high…It is important that we talk with one another about what we think and feel, but it is vital that we do so with respect and concern for one another.”

On Monday, university police received a report about graffiti written on a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom of a residence hall. An image of the graffiti, which included the words “Go Trump” with a swastika substituting for the “T,” circulated on social media.

It grieves me to know that students in our community are witnessing or directly experiencing such behaviors, as well as the accompanying pain, confusion, and fear they engender,” Vice President for Student Affairs Ginger Ambler said in a community address following the incident. “Since last week’s presidential election, students have shared with us, both anonymously and through more formal channels, information about such threats and harassment.”

In her address, Ambler pointed students to resources for reporting discrimination and harassment. She suggested students reference a specially-designed website to assist them in reporting such acts.

“The university will follow-up on reports to the best of our ability using the information provided,” Ambler said. “May we each commit to listening more, with compassion and with respect.”

According to Suzanne Seurattan, the university’s director of news and media, the incident is still under investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to call campus police at 757-221-4596.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at William & Mary,” Seurattan said.