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As the countdown to November’s election winds down, the race for the 93rd House of Delegates District heats up. Two candidates are preparing to define their future plans for the region.

The candidates for the 93rd District of Virginia House of Delegates, former school board member Heather Cordasco and criminal prosecutor Mike Mullin, will square off Wednesday at a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Williamsburg Area at 7 p.m. the Williamsburg Regional Library Theater.

The winning candidate will represent the City of Williamsburg, parts of James City County and York County, and parts of Newport News in the lower house of the General Assembly.

This year’s special election comes after Del. Monty Mason vacated the seat to run for the Virginia Senate after the untimely passing of former Sen. John Miller.

The following candidate profiles have been arranged in order of campaign financing, from greatest to least.

Mike Mullin

(Courtesy Mike Mullin for House of Delegates/Katherine Sparks)
(Courtesy Mike Mullin for House of Delegates/Katherine Sparks)

According to the Mike Mullin for Delegate website, Mike Mullin is a criminal prosecutor and resident of Newport News. He received a bachelor’s degree from Christopher Newport University and a law degree from The Catholic University of America.  Mike and his wife Laura have three children. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, the Mullin campaign has raised $92,753 since July 1. The campaign has $32,974 in expenditures in the same reporting period.

Mullin on the economy: “We need to prepare ourselves for the 21st century workforce that will fill those jobs. Designing our high school curriculums so that it’s not just sending people to a four-year degree, but also for those students not bound to four year schools, to go to vocational schools and apprenticeships to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.” Mullin’s take-away: “There’s no bigger project than that of the ion collider at Jefferson Labs which can be a catalyst for economic growth across the peninsula for decades to come.”

On healthcare: “There are 400,000 Virginians who don’t have healthcare who would instantly be covered if we expanded medicaid. There are 2,400 Virginians in the 93rd district who would be covered.” Mullin’s take-away: “$5,000,000 is leaving the state every day to other states like Illinois and Louisiana through federal taxes that support medicaid expansion. That’s a lot of money that could stay here.”

On gun control: “First and foremost as a criminal prosecutor and as a member of law enforcement I understand the necessity of personal protection and the carrying of a firearm to do that. I’m weary of many of the firearm bans you’ve mentioned. However, there’s probably something that can be done that can close the so called ‘gun show loophole.’”

Heather Cordasco
Heather Cordasco

On infrastructure: “Traffic is a huge concern for our daily life, if you’re spending your time in your car you’re not spending it with your family or at work. Working toward the expansion of I-64 and to be able to encourage the planning and implementation of that. Finding an opportunity to decrease congestion on the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel would be a massively important improvement across the peninsula.”

On the Presidential race: “President Barack Obama said that we have in Hillary Clinton we have the most qualified person ever running for the presidency and I could not agree more.”

Heather Cordasco

According to the Cordasco for Delegate website, Heather Cordasco is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Nyack College. Heather and her husband Carlo have three children. Heather served on the Williamsburg/James City County School Board from 2012 to 2015. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, the Cordasco for Delegate campaign has raised $74,935 since July 1. The campaign has $16,693 in expenditures in the same reporting period.

Cordasco on the economy: “In the last 50 years Virginia has shifted from a manufacturing based economy to a services and tourism based one, but the way we tax has not changed. We will need to do a comprehensive tax reform that will address some of these changes.”

On healthcare: “Our area could probably benefit from a few more specialty doctors as the wait can be long to see a specialist. In addition, we have a number of fantastic clinics including Lackey, Old Towne and Golden Bethune that offer excellent care. I am in support of the General Assembly’s position of helping to fund these clinics.”

On gun control: “I have not seen the gun show loophole as I have visited a number of gun shows and only ever seen background checks being conducted. Anyone who wishes to sell fire arms is held to a pretty stringent standard on [sic] order to be able to do so. I recently toured a successful pawn shop and was surprised to find that when you pawn a gun, the pawn store owner is legally required to do a background check before releasing it to the person who pawned it.”

On infrastructure: “I am supportive of a comprehensive report that will detail the infrastructure needs of the district, we worked on a similar process with our buildings, when I was a member of the school board. Then there will be a prioritization and time table for completion. If we do not take care of our infrastructure, there will be no employer who would wish to locate here, no matter how well educated our work force might be.”

On the Presidential race: “I have been deeply disappointed in the fact that this race has devolved into being about two big personalities rather than issues, there are many very serious issues that most Virginians and Americans care deeply about…I have been clear that I will support the [Republican] nominee.”

Cordasco did not comment for this article by time of publication, but provided answers to questions submitted via email, which have been included.