Without power, Historic Triangle residents turn to ‘old time stuff’

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"Our lights went out about midnight and came about about 5 p.m. [Sunday]," said Tasha Taliaferro of Williamsburg. "It's tough with five or six children and a grandchild. Around two we left for church and when we came back power was on...the power came back sooner than they said." (Steve Roberts/WYDaily)

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While Hurricane Matthew did most of its damage in the Caribbean, it made its presence felt in Hampton Roads as well.

The storm left more than 16,000 without power in the Historic Triangle over the weekend, leaving many residents searching for something to pass the time until power was restored.

Flashlights, board games, books, and battery-powered radios were among the ways residents without power kept themselves entertained.  With power restored to most of Hampton Roads by Monday, residents were eager to enjoy the sunshine and share their storm stories.