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James City County's Board of Supervisors. (Courtesy James City County.)
James City County’s Board of Supervisors. (Courtesy James City County.)

After a vote during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, food truck vendors may soon be able to operate their businesses in a wider array of locations within James City County.

The board voted unanimously to initiate consideration of a county ordinance amendment that, if passed, would allow mobile food vendors to operate in areas zoned B-1 General Business.

Such zoning designation would allow foods trucks to operate around locations such as farmer’s markets, hotels and motels, civic clubs and marinas.

Food trucks are currently not permitted in the county, but the Board has been moving to pass an amendment to county ordinances that will allow for the operation of such mobile businesses.

The current draft of a proposed ordinance amendment would allow food trucks to operate in the M-1 Limited Business/Industrial Zoning district, M-2 General Industrial Zoning, PL Public Lands, and PUD-C Planned Unit and Development-Commercial.  The B-1 district was not included in the proposed amendment, but after Tuesday’s meeting it will be considered and may be passed in a separate vote.

“It makes sense for us to ask the Planning Commission to look at all of the districts,” said Vice Chairman John McGlennon (Roberts).

The amendment allowing food trucks to operate within the B-1 District will be sent to the Planning Commission for public hearing and a vote.  If the Commission passes the amendment it will return to the Board of Supervisors for a final vote before becoming a county ordinance.