David Marmon: Creating community through CrossFit

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(Courtesy David Marmon)
(Courtesy David Marmon)

In commemoration of the September 11 terrorist attacks, David Marmon and other members of CrossFit Williamsburg recently started one of their morning workouts by climbing 110 flights of stairs, some of the athletes donning firefighter or tactical gear.

“It was an emotional experience, but we helped each other out and pushed through it,” Marmon said. “I love the community aspect of CrossFit.”

In 2010, Marmon opened Marmon Muscle, an instruction-based fitness training facility that is home to CrossFit Williamsburg, at the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex (WISC). A second location, Jamestown CrossFit, opened last year near Jamestown High School.

Marmon spent time as a strength conditioning coach with college athletes at several schools, including his alma mater, Auburn University, as well as the University of Miami in Florida, Georgia Southern University, the University of Iowa, Indiana State University, the University of Washington, and the College of William & Mary before opening Marmon Muscle.

He began experimenting with CrossFit workouts offered through the website crossfit.com, and decided to incorporate the program at his facility. Marmon describes CrossFit as a general physical preparedness program that utilizes “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.”

Workouts vary each day, and can include gymnastics, weightlifting, walking or running, swimming, rowing, or biking. The workouts can be individualized for each athlete. The athletes can keep track of their training data and monitor their progress and improvements.

Marmon says most of his clientele are middle-aged moms and dads, though both facilities also offer programs and classes for children, high school athletes, senior citizens, sport teams, or those with special physical needs. A team of 10 coaches with varying specialties assists Marmon with training members. Coaches ensure participants remain injury-free while having a safe, fun experience, Marmon said. 

“The CrossFit methodology allows any individual, at any fitness level, gender, or age to participate,” Marmon said. “Our coaches are there to serve as a catalyst.”

The CrossFit community is a supportive group of people that challenges members to get in shape and remain fit and healthy as well as battle the onset of chronic disease.

“Our mission is to inspire and empower the Williamsburg community to be their very best,” Marmon said. “I enjoy helping people change their lives.  Whether it’s achieving elite athletic performance, overcoming a personal crisis, losing weight, or just starting to believe in themselves. It’s awesome. I believe I was put on Earth to serve other people, and this is my platform to do it.”

Some CrossFitters train for recreation or general health and wellness while others focus on the competitive aspect of the sport, Marmon said. 

“Competition allows you to find out just what you are capable of both physically and mentally,” Marmon said. “It makes me feel alive. It is something that is positive and healthy, something that I can enjoy with my wife and friends.  It’s about staying healthy, staying active, having fun, and fellowship.”

Marmon’s wife, Britta, is a coach at both CrossFit Williamsburg and Jamestown CrossFit. The pair have two children, a daughter, Maddox, and a son, Bo. As a toddler, Maddox received services from Child Development Resources (CDR), an organization that is dear to the Marmons’ hearts. Jamestown CrossFit recently partnered with Virginia Beer Company to host “Barbells & Beer,” an event to benefit CDR, and will hold a similar event, “Barbells for Boobs,” next month to support breast cancer awareness.

In addition, Marmon Muscle offers a scholarship and internship program for high school and college athletes.

“I’ve had the amazing opportunity of watching so many of our young athletes grow up, and to be a part of that is a responsibility that I take very seriously,” Marmon said.

He hopes to continue to provide programs that enable athletes to be the best they can be, and support the community.

“We are committed to this for the long haul,” Marmon said. “To help the people of Williamsburg live well and enjoy life, that is our goal.”

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