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A video surfaced on social media last week appearing to show Mironda Henning, owner of Williamsburg dog grooming service The Fuzzy Butt Stops Here, mishandling a dog while grooming it.

The video, filmed in May, was first used as evidence for an animal abuse charge against Henning, which was filed in the Williamsburg James City Court in July. Henning was found guilty, ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and given unsupervised probation, court documents show.

According to the documents, Mironda Henning “was abusive” to a white cockapoo named Gidget while the dog was being groomed at the business on Strawberry Plains Road.

“Mrs. Henning was jerking the dog around, roughly handling the dog and flipping it around while grooming it,” the records stated.

The eight-minute video, released to WYDaily through James City County Police, appears to show Henning brushing and blow-drying the dog, while grabbing the dog by its neck and repeatedly throwing the dog against a table. She also is seen flipping the dog around in a hanging harness. Midway through the video, the dog begins to defecate.

“Here’s an idea,” Henning is heard saying in the video. “Shave the f*cking dog. How did I manage to get two dogs that refuse to stand in a row?”

The business did not return a call for comment.

Jim Hannon, a lawyer for Henning, told a reporter “there’s no other animal cruelty case and it’s of record and we don’t have any further comment on it.”