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(Courtesy Alex Spirn)
(Courtesy Alex Spirn)

This Saturday, Williamsburg’s Kiskiack Golf Club will play host to the area’s first footgolf tournament. The event is sponsored by the Virginia Legacy soccer club as a way to kick off its 2016 season.

According to Alex Spirn, Legacy’s community soccer director, the game is played over 18 holes, just like a typical golf game. Unlike a game of golf, the ball is not directed toward the green, but a manhole-sized pit on the side of the fairway.

“Basically, the best way to describe it would be just like golf, but with your feet,” Spirn said. “The hole for footgolf is around a bunker or beside the fairway, but not on the green. There are actual holes in the ground and when we’re not playing, the course keeps lids on them.”

Kiskiack Golf Club is the first in the area to build a footgolf course. Sprin says, aside from Kiskiack, the closest course is in Richmond. For him, the game is an entirely different sport than soccer — and not all of his soccer skills have been transferable.

“On a regular field, the ball doesn’t go too far,” he said. “But on a golf course the ball just keeps rolling, so there’s this extra element of difficulty. Even if you’re great at soccer, footgolf is a whole ‘nother beast.”

Tee time — or kickoff — for Saturday’s tournament begins at 3 p.m. Players of all ages are welcome and encouraged to bring their own soccer ball. Click here to register.