James City County offers tips to beat the heat

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Drinking plenty of clear fluids is crucial in the heat. (Photo courtesy of James City County)
Drinking plenty of clear fluids is crucial in the heat. (Photo courtesy of James City County)

James City County is urging citizens to take precautions this summer as temperatures start to rise.

In a news release Thursday, James City County announced three cooling centers — James City County Recreation Center, Williamsburg Regional Library and James City County Library — available for public use in order to limit exposure to sun and high temperatures.

The county is also encouraging citizens to stay in the coolest place possible. If unable to get indoors with air conditioning, using fans and retreating to shaded areas will do as a substitute.

Staying hydrated with water or other clear fluids, avoiding drinks with caffeine or alcohol, wearing loose clothing, wearing a hat to shield from the sun and wearing sunscreen are all measures that can be taken to prevent potential complications stemming from the heat.

For the elderly, especially those who are sick or disabled, avoiding extreme heat is paramount. Make sure elderly friends, family and neighbors have access to air conditioning and are drinking enough water.

Additionally, avoid leaving children and pets in a parked car for any period of time, regardless of whether a window is cracked. If you see a child or pet left in a vehicle, call 911 immediately.

If you experience severe thirst, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, irritability, headache or cool, clammy skin, stop what you are doing and find a cool place to rest and hydrate. If symptoms don’t resolve after hydrating and cooling down, seek medical attention.