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The City of Williamsburg's new performance management website was unveiled to the City Council last week.
The City of Williamsburg’s new performance management website was unveiled to the City Council last week.

Williamsburg residents looking to learn more about the quality of life in the city now have the opportunity to do so through the new “Williamsburg Performs” website.

The new performance management website, which was unveiled June 6, allows citizens to learn about how Williamsburg is measuring up to the standards set in its Biennial Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes report.

Williamsburg Performs provides users the opportunity to learn at a glance or to dive deeper into performance data to see how the city is working to achieve goals, according to a recent press release from the city.

Information is presented narratively, numerically and visually in different places throughout the site, along with links to the full text of pertinent reports like the budget, comprehensive plan and the latest National Citizen Survey results.

“The city invested in the Socrata software product to provide a new, innovative look — complete with interesting visualizations, like maps, graphs and charts, to provide a clearer picture of how the city is performing,” said Mark Barham, the city’s information technology director.

The public can also provide feedback through the site about how the city is measuring its performance and keeping citizens informed about its progress. A comments and suggestions box is located at the bottom of the homepage.

“Staff is interested in listening to what people think about the appearance and usefulness of the information provided,” said Mr. Barham.

Citizens are invited to check out Williamsburg Performs and offer feedback on the site. Click here to access the webpage.