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The new logo designates official Merchants Square Association members, all of whom support Colonial Williamsburg's mission. (Courtesy Colonial Williamsburg)
This new logo designates official Merchants Square Association members who support the mission of Colonial Williamsburg. (Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg)

Shoppers in Merchants Square may notice something new this month in the windows of certain shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Colonial Williamsburg is debuting an official Merchants Square logo to designate businesses that support the organization’s mission of historical preservation and education.

More than 40 businesses, all of which belong to the Merchants Square Association and are housed in buildings leased from Colonial Williamsburg, will be clearly identified as official Colonial Williamsburg Merchants Square locations.

The new program will provide logo stickers for participating businesses to place in shop entrances, buttons for employees to wear and signage for cash registers informing patrons that their purchases support Colonial Williamsburg.

“We are proud of the nearly 90-year relationship between Colonial Williamsburg and the many businesses that have been instrumental in the success of Merchants Square, which has earned a reputation as the shopping, dining and lifestyle center of Williamsburg,” said Jeffrey Duncan, Colonial Williamsburg’s director of property planning, resources and insurance. “This new official designation recognizes that key relationship and reminds our shoppers and visitors of the important role they play in supporting this special place.”

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