Yorktown Man Pleads Guilty, Sentenced to Five Years for Armed Home Invasion

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York-Poquoson Courthouse
York-Poquoson Courthouse

A Yorktown man will serve five years in prison for his involvement in the July 2015 armed burglary of a York Terrace home.

Willie Bernard Rose III, 24, had been charged with five felonies and indicted by a grand jury on four. Two of the five, conspiracy to commit robbery and use of a firearm in commission of a felony, were dropped by the prosecution.

Rose pleaded guilty to burglary, attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit at burglary. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 15 years suspended. The maximum sentence for the three charges was life in prison plus 20 years and $202,500 plus related costs, York County Circuit Court Judge Richard Rizk said.

As part of his plea agreement, Rose will cooperate with the court by testifying in the trials of two of his co-defendants, Sylvester Langley and Charles Brooks. Langley’s jury trial is scheduled for May 6 and Brooks’ jury trial is set for July 8.

Additionally, Rose cannot have contact with the burglary victims or his co-defendants for 10 years.

The incident took place at a home on Wilkins Drive in the early morning hours of July 14, 2015. The victims, interviewed later by York-Poquoson sheriff’s deputies, said a juvenile heard “jiggling” and a knock on the front door before it was opened by two individuals, dressed in black with their faces covered. The individuals were aggressive and brandishing a “long gun” and a pistol, York Commonwealth’s Attorney Ben Hahn said.

After the juvenile’s father heard the commotion, he opened his bedroom door to see the “assailants” pointing their firearms at him, Hahn said. The hand of one of the individuals got caught in the bedroom door when the father tried to close it. A foot of an individual got caught the second time the door was opened and closed, Hahn said.

The “assailants” fled, dropping the pistol and spilling bullets from the magazine that were later recovered by police, Hahn said. A tip the next day led officers to Rose, Langley, Brooks and a fourth co-defendant, a juvenile, who were in a car parked in the lot of the York-Poquoson Courthouse. A fifth co-defendant, Kaniqua Shaquan Perrin, was later arrested at her residence.

Hahn explained the defendants had concocted the scheme while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He said they believed one of the juveniles in the home possessed illegal drugs.

Brooks was the “wheelman,” Langley and the juvenile “burst into the house” while Rose and Perrin waited at the back of the house to “go in if necessary,” Hahn said.

Rose and Perrin did not end up entering the home and fled to the car when they heard the commotion in the house, Hahn said.

Perrin entered into a plea agreement Feb. 4. Three of the four charges against her were dropped when she agreed to plead guilty for conspiracy to commit robbery. Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 12.

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