Williamsburg Police Warn of Scam Phone Calls

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williamsburg police patchAfter a City of Williamsburg resident nearly became an identity theft victim, police are offering tips for how to handle potential scam phone calls.

The resident reported receiving a call from someone who identified as an agent from the U.S. Department of Treasury and asked for information that could have compromised the resident’s identity for fraudulent purposes, according to a news release from the Williamsburg Police Department.

The Department of Treasury advises people delete emails or texts that seem to be scam attempts, as well as hang up on scam phone calls, and avoid trying to obtain information that can be used against the caller.

“Terminate contact immediately,” the Department of Treasury advises.

Williamsburg Police ask that any information regarding the scammer that is immediately apparent – an email address, phone number, information within the message or call – be noted and brought to the police’s attention.

For more information regarding scam messages and calls, click here.

Those who have questions or believe they have been the victim of a scam should contact Williamsburg Police at 757-220-2331.