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Tom Shepperd 2015After serving in Korea and working at the Pentagon, Thomas Shepperd said he was looking for a place to call home.

York County would be that place, and when he got there in 1993, Shepperd said he was determined to “dig in,” be an active resident and work toward the growth and success of the community.

In a likely fourth term as the District 5 representative on the York County Board of Supervisors, Shepperd said he aspires to continue to be responsive to citizens’ needs and educate them about government workings.

“We’re going to have our town meetings, I’m going to have my District 5 reports, and I’m going to continue to educate people on what’s going on because we’re going to continue to grow and change,” Shepperd said.

Shepperd (R), 67, a retired Air Force colonel, moved to Woodlake Crossing in 1993 and settled in Calthrop Neck 10 years later.

After serving on the county’s Wetlands Board and the Planning Commission, Shepperd said he decided to run for the Board of Supervisors because he wanted to “stop the surprises” that residents encounter when there is poor communication between citizens and the local government.

He ran unopposed for the District 5 seat in a 2001 special election and has run unopposed in every election since, including this year’s.

Shepperd said he does not think he has had a challenger because he has communicated well with his constituents to determine what they need.

“I hope I’m engaged enough that people have some trust in what I’m doing and believe their desires are being represented,” Shepperd said.

He said some of his accomplishments on the Board of Supervisors include curbing extreme growth through zoning and seeing the completion of Moore’s Creek drainage improvements and the construction of the McReynolds Athletic Complex.

He also started a newsletter called the District 5 Report, which includes crime watch notices, summaries of board actions and what Shepperd anticipates will happen in response to those board actions.

If re-elected, Shepperd said he would seek to “beef up” the government, which he says operates with a “lean” workforce, by improving compensation for employees. He said he would also make sure the county supports the development of transportation projects and promotes a more business-friendly climate.

As a leader, Shepperd said he listens, communicates and gets experts and citizens to work together toward a successful conclusion. In his next term, Shepperd said he hopes to balance the changing requirements of the community against the resources available and do so in an efficient manner.

“It’s a continuation of what I’ve been doing the past 14 years,” Shepperd said. “When I don’t enjoy it anymore it will probably be time for me to step aside, but I’ve been enjoying it. I love working with people and I love helping solve their problems.”