Hampton Roads Juniors Completes Merger with Coastal Virginia Volleyball Club

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coastal hampton roadsThe Hampton Roads Juniors volleyball club, which features talented players from around the Historic Triangle, is looking to corner the club volleyball market locally with its latest move.

Earlier this month, Hampton Roads Juniors announced it will be merging with the Coastal Virginia Volleyball Club, which sports 24 teams in Virginia Beach.

The merging of the two clubs was made official Oct. 10 as the joint volleyball club adopted the new name Coastal Hampton Roads.

“We’re the youngest program around here, and we wanted to merge with somebody we respect and could help us move to the next level,” said Karissa Cumberbatch, Hampton Roads Juniors’ recruiting coordinator. “Coastal is a lot bigger than any clubs over here and they have some really awesome ways of fundraising and helping their athletes. We wanted to bring that to kids over here.”

Coastal Hampton Roads plans to make a big push in the area with the construction of a new dedicated volleyball center similar to the one used Virginia Beach-based Tidewater Volleyball Association.

Cumberbatch said the new facility will have between four and five volleyball courts and will likely be located in Yorktown or Newport News.

She also said the club is currently deciding between four locations, but hopes to stay near its current location at Peninsula Catholic High School in Newport News.

With Hampton Roads Juniors currently serving almost 100 players, Cumberbatch hopes the increased reach of the club after the merger results in more players joining Coastal Hampton Roads.

Cumberbatch ultimately wants the best volleyball players in the area to play together under one club instead of being pulled in different directions by other clubs.

With Hampton Roads Juniors’ history of getting local players into college — the club boasts 50 former athletes who played for NCAA programs — Cumberbatch is optimistic Coastal Hampton Roads can make that goal a reality.

“Why not play on the most successful team and get the best athletes to play together? That’s what we want to do, and we want to give them an awesome environment to do it in,” Cumberbatch said.