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Randy and Anne Hisle took home first place in Work Nimbly's point-based scavenger hunt competition. (Courtesy Work Nimbly)
Randy and Anne Hisle took home first place in Work Nimbly’s point-based scavenger hunt competition. (Courtesy Work Nimbly)

Randy and Anne Hisle have been named the winners of Work Nimbly’s 2015 Hipster Hunt.

Work Nimbly is a co-working office space from which locals can run their small businesses, work on independent projects or telecommute into jobs elsewhere in a collaborative and distraction-free environment.

The Hipster Hunt was a scavenger hunt competition spanning the Historic Triangle, conceptualized as a way to celebrate national co-working month while also bringing attention to area businesses.

“I was very intrigued when I saw the Hipster Hunt 2015 flyer at Iron-Bound Gym, as it really struck me as a unique and exciting event to take part in, and it seemed like it could be a lot of fun,” Anne Hisle said.

The Hunt required the Hisles and other participants to visit many local businesses and complete a series of tasks. A master checklist was provided to all participants and included items ranging from “like our business on Facebook” to “come out to the store and take a selfie.”

Each participating business provided a 1-point action, a 3-point action and a 5-point action, with more points being given for more involved tasks.

“The participants all said it was fun, and that they visited some places they hadn’t before, which we count as a success for local small businesses,” said Gretchen Bedell, one of Work Nimbly’s three partners.

The winners of the contest were announced at the Sept. 17 Work Nimbly anniversary party. For racking up the most points, the Hisles were awarded a reserved table at the Blue Talon for a delicious dinner and tickets to the Williamsburg Fall Art’s Gallery Crawl, which took place Oct. 1.

“The concept of a scavenger hunt really appealed to us and turned out to be so rewarding in a lot of ways,” Anne Hisle said. “We had an opportunity to frequent some of our local favorites, coupled with a chance to discover new businesses that we were previously unaware of and rediscover other spots.”

The partners at Work Nimbly are hopeful the contest will return and expand next year.