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Kenneth Len Shackleford (Courtesy James City County Police)
Kenneth Len Shackleford (Courtesy James City County Police)

A James City County man is set to stand trial for allegedly selling cocaine and illegally possessing a firearm.

Kenneth Len Shackleford had one charge of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute and one charge of possessing a firearm while also in possession of a schedule II drug certified against him in Williamsburg-James City County District Court on Thursday.

An additional misdemeanor charge of possession with intent to sell marijuana was dropped.

Shackleford was arrested this past summer after a search of his home found cocaine and a semi-automatic handgun.

During Thursday’s preliminary hearing, Investigator David Rochard testified that Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force obtained a warrant to search Shackleford’s home, located on Jan Rae Circle off Pocahontas Trail, on July 1.

With the help of James City County SWAT Team, they conducted a search of both Shackleford and his home, which produced an undisclosed amount of what was later identified as cocaine in addition to a semi-automatic handgun.

Investigators also searched Shackleford’s cell phone, on which they found text messages the prosecution believes indicate his intent to sell the cocaine that was found.

“Going to need 7 griz tom,” was one such message that Rochard testified to finding, explaining it is commonly known in his line of work that “griz” means “grams” and “tom” is an abbreviation for “tomorrow.”

The court found that the case made by the prosecution was sufficient to certify the charges against Shackleford, who now has until Nov. 18 to hire an attorney and appear before the WJCC Circuit Court to set a trial date.

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