Raccoon Found in Yorktown Tests Positive for Rabies

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A raccoon found in the 500 block of Calthrop Neck Road in Yorktown has tested positive for rabies.

The Peninsula Health District is asking anyone who has had any contact with the animal, including being bitten, scratched or exposed to its saliva, to call the Health Department at 757-594-7340.

Additionally, anyone whose pet may have had contact with the raccoon should alert the Health Department, or contact York County Animal Control at 757-890-3601.

Environmental Health Services will be reaching out to people living in the immediate vicinity of where the raccoon was found as well as any civic or homeowner’s association that serves the community.

The Peninsula Health District cautions that rabies is a fatal disease and possible exposure should be taken very seriously.

In order to prevent its contraction and spread, citizens should always be certain to vaccinate pets, report physical contact with wild animals to their doctors and enjoy wildlife from a distance.