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GPSA LogoThree swimmers set new Greater Peninsula Swim Association Championship Meet records during Saturday’s competition that saw Glendale come out on top as GPSA champions.

Glendale took first place as a team with 345 points, which bested second-place James River Country Club by 57 points.

Ella Epes and the Glendale girls 200-meter freestyle relay team of Havana Grau, Elzabeth Shelton, Isabel Marstellar and Jenna Thompson set meet records while leading the Gators to the championship.

Epes, a 10-year old swimmer, set a new girls 9-10 record in the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 36.29, winning the event by more than seven seconds. The Glendale girls 200 freestyle relay team broke the record with a time of 2:00.05, which won the event by more than 10 seconds.

Jacqueline Tinneny of Kiln Creek broke the girls 13-14 record in the 50-meter breaststroke with a time of 35.02.

Ten swimmers won multiple individual events, five from both the boys and girls competitions.

In the boys competition, Christopher Verastek of Glendale took first place in three events, while Ian Rodgers (Colony Cudas), Joey Rento (James River Country Club), Ian Lindsay (James River Country Club) and Landon Potter (Warwick Yacht) each won two events.

Alysa Reilly (Marlbank Mudtoads), Casie Clark (Colony Cudas) and Cameron Darnell (James River Country Club) all won three individual events during the girls competition. Elizabeth Shelton and Epes of Glendale each won a pair of events.

To see full results from the meet, click here.

Below are the team results and individual winners:

Team Results
1: Glendale, 345
2: James River Country Club, 288
3: Colony Cudas, 276
4: Marklbank Mudtoads, 181
5: Hidenwood, 176.50
6: Warwick Yacht and Country Club, 173.50
7: Poquoson Barracudas, 103.50
8: Kiln Creek, 100
9: Running Manta Rays, 99
10: Windy Point Piranhas, 92.50
11: Willow Oaks Stingrays, 91
12: George Wythe Wahoos, 87
13: Elizabeth Lake, 69
14: Mallory Barracudas, 53
15: Beechwood, 24
16: Wendwood Wahoos, 21
17: Beaconsdale Blue Marlins, 17

Individual Results
10 & Under 100m IM: Ian Rodgers (Colony Cudas) 1:20.26
11-12 100m IM: JJ Barad (Glendale) 1:13.96
13-14 100m IM: Christopher Verastek (Glendale) 1:02.76
15-18 100m IM: Joey Rento (James River Country Club) 1:01.04
6 & Under 25m Free: John Wilcox (Hidenwood) 21.42
7-8 25m Free: Ian Lindsay (James River Country Club) 16.92
9-10 50m Free: Ian Rodgers (Colony Cudas) 32.05
11-12 50m Free: Ben Beaver (Windy Point Piranhas) 29.61
13-14 50m Free: Christopher Verastek (Glendale) 25.49
15-18 50m Free: Joshua Duke (Elizabeth Lake) 24.71
8 & Under 25m Breast: Thomas Aman (James River Country Club) 26.04
9-10 50m Breast: Luke Gere (Colony Cudas) 45.21
11-12 50m Breast: Nick Barrows (Colony Cudas) 38.88
13-14 50m Breast: Christopher Verastek (Glendale) 31.38
15-18 50m Breast: Justin Underwood (Kiln Creek) 30.72
6 & Under 25m Back: Jamie Dornan (James River Country Club) 27.78
7-8 25m Back: Kasey Jones (James River Country Club) 23.12
9-10 50m Back: Carter Whetstine (James River Country Club) 37.61
11-12 50m Back: Preston Duncan (Glendale) 34.21
13-14 50m Back: Landon Potter (Warwick Yacht) 30.00
15-18 50m Back: Jordan Duncan (Glendale) 27.27
8 & Under 25m Fly: Ian Lindsay (James River Country Club) 21.29
9-10 50m Fly: Matthew Potter (Warwick Yacht) 35.08
11-12 50m Fly: Ryan Learn (Running Manta Rays) 32.13
13-14 50m Fly: Landon Potter (Warwick Yacht) 29.03
15-18 50m Fly: Joey Rento (James River Country Club) 26.63
200m Medley Relay: Colony Cudas 2:10.97
200m Free Relay: Glendale 1:55.00

10 & Under 100m IM: Elizabeth Shelton (Glendale) 1:20.46
11-12 100m IM: Alyssa Reilly (Marlbank Mudtoads) 1:13.73
13-14 100m IM: Jacqueline Tinneny (Kiln Creek) 1:08.51
15-18 100m IM: Casie Clark (Colony Cudas) 1:12.14
6 & Under 25m Free: Jada Owens (Hidenwood) 23.44
7-8 25m Free: Cameron Darnell (James River Country Club) 17.45
9-10 50m Free: Ella Epes (Glendale) 31.74
11-12 50m Free: Isabel Marstellar (Glendale) 29.95
13-14 50m Free: Brieanna Romney (Willow Oaks Stingrays0 27.93
15-18 50m Free: Courtney Stickle (George Wythe Wahoos) 29.65
8 & Under 25m Breast: Mirissa Welcher (Glendale) 25.48
9-10 50m Breast: Elizabeth Shelton (Glendale) 40.72
11-12 50m Breast: Meagan Turner (Running Manta Rays) 39.14
13-14 50m Breast: Jacqueline Tinneny (Kiln Creek) 35.02
15-18 50m Breast: Casie Clark (Colony Cudas) 37.08
6 & Under 25m Back: Hazel Benoit (Hidenwood) 27.52
7-8 25m Back: Cameron Darnell (James River Country Club) 21.22
9-10 50m Back: Ella Epes (Glendale) 36.29
11-12 50m Back: Alyssa Reilly (Marlbank Mudtoads) 34.00
13-14 50m Back: Jacqueline Tinneny (Kiln Creek) 32.73
15-18 50m Back: Maggie Cooke (Warwick Yacht) 34.39
8 & Under 25m Fly: Cameron Darnell (James River Country Club) 19.69
9-10 50m Fly: Ella Epes (Glendale) 34.21
11-12 50m Fly: Alyssa Reilly (Marlbank Mudtoads) 31.58
13-14 50m Fly: Leah Riley (Hidenwood) 30.63
15-18 50m Fly: Casie Clark (Colony Cudas) 31.15
200m Medley Relay: Marlbank Mudtoads 2:22.37
200m Free Relay: Glendale 2:00.05