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Subway Commonwealth LogoMark Massie and David Marmon, Williamsburg-based CrossFit athletes, earned top-five finishes in their respective divisions during the 2015 Commonwealth Games in Roanoke on Sunday.

Massie, 40, took first place in the Male Masters Individual competition, which is reserved for competitors 40 and older. Marmon took fifth place in the Male RX Individual competition, which is for advanced CrossFit athletes between the ages of 18 and 39.

In the Male Masters Individual competition, Massie took first place in three of the four events he competed in and finishing second in another.

Massie won the AMRAP 10, which stands for “as many reps as possible in 10 minutes” and includes a 40 calorie row, 20 deadlifts at 225 pounds and 10 box jumps on a 30-inch box, as well as the 21-15-9 that has participants doing decreasing repetitions of a power snap into a chest-to-bar pull up.

He also took first place in the”secret final” that included three movements – thrusters, which are a combination of a front squat into an overhead press with a 115-pound bar; burpee bar hops, which include dropping to the stomach from a standing position, popping up and then jumping laterally over a barbell; and toes-to-bar, a core exercise in which the participant hangs from a pull-up bar and touches the bar with their legs before lowering them.

One of five competitors participating in the Male Masters Individual division, Massie was the only athlete to take first place in multiple events. He also claimed second play in the clean ladder, an exercise that has participants completing four squat cleans at different weights every minute.

“It’s fun because it shows you how much hard work pays off. I like that feeling, being out of breath and being able to keep pushing you to the point you’re uncomfortable,” Massie said about competing in CrossFit competitions. “You get comfortable being uncomfortable. You’re testing yourself and your own mind and knowing you can meet or exceed those limits. That’s the best part of it.”

For Marmon, a 37-year-old CrossFit coach at Williamsburg CrossFit, the Commonwealth Games were his first individual competition in three years.

The Male RX division in which Marmon competed featured the same events as the Male Masters Individual division but with different weightlifting requirements. Marmon took sixth in the clean ladder, second in the AMRAP 10, 15th in the 21-15-9 and fourth in the “secret final.”

Despite being a longtime CrossFit athlete, Marmon was surprised with his fifth-place finish in the competition.

“I went into the whole thing wanting to have fun. It just happened to be my day and I performed at a high level,” he said. “Some of the programming was geared to things I’m good at. I was shocked at how well I performed.”

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