York County School Division Begins Summer Construction Program

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The Grafton Middle and High School complex will undergo roof renovations this summer. (Courtesy York County School Division)
The Grafton Middle and High School complex will undergo roof renovations this summer. (Courtesy York County School Division)

Four schools in the York County School Division will undergo nearly $12 million in upgrades and expansions over the summer.

Grafton Bethel, Magruder and Waller Mill elementary schools and the Grafton middle and high school complex are scheduled to receive more than $11.8 million in construction work this summer to cover annual maintenance and meet the needs of an expanding school division.

Waller Mill will see the most extensive construction, with the beginning of a two-year expansion and renovation project. The expansion will add an additional wing to the building, consisting of eight classrooms, along with a gymnasium wing, which will also include two classrooms.

YCSD administrators have pointed out capacity issues at Waller Mill as one reason to build a new elementary school. For the 2014-15 school year, Waller Mill exceeded its maximum instructional capacity of 235, but was within its maximum building capacity of 235.

The project will also renovate the existing building and replace the school’s casework, like cabinets and fixtures, which are original to the building.

YCSD Associate Director for Capital Plans and Projects Mark Tschirhart said the project should begin in late August, with completion coming in January 2017 at a cost of $7.6 million.

Grafton Bethel and Magruder elementary schools with both receive upgrades to heating and air conditioning systems, along with partial roof replacements. The work at Magruder will install air conditioning in the gymnasium and replace the roof above it.

This is the fourth year of summer construction at Grafton Bethel, and Tschirhart said it will be the last. The school will also receive a refurbishment, including restroom renovations, the replacement of original caseworks and fixtures and repainting.

Both projects began June 15, and are expected to reach substantial completion by Aug. 21. The cost of the work at Grafton Bethel is $556,900, while the Magruder construction will total $2,957,000.

The Grafton middle and high school complex will undergo a partial roof replacement and a variety of interior repairs. Tschirhart said the building has experienced problems with the roof leaking in the past, and work this summer would seal the building’s windows and improve the roof’s drainage.

The high school side of the complex is currently scheduled to undergo a roof replacement in fiscal year 2018, which begins July 1, 2017. The middle school section is slated for a roof replacement in fiscal year 2019, which begins July 1, 2018.

Tschirhart said the repairs could extend the life of the existing complex roof, and could push back the need for full roof replacements.

“This summer will be telling as to whether we have to replace it,” he said.

The work at the complex began June 23, and should reach substantial completion by August 21 at a cost of $697,000.

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