Flash Mob Descends on Merchants Square

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A group of 40 local kids particpated in a flash mob to Hawk Nelson's "Sold Out."
A group of 40 local kids participated in a flash mob to Hawk Nelson’s “Sold Out.”

Dancers from In His Steps Worship Dance Ministry braved a tornado watch on Saturday afternoon to perform a flash mob in Merchants Square.

A group of around 40 kids, ranging from age 6 to 17, had been practicing two hours a day for the past week to learn the choreography necessary to execute the dance.

Samantha Roose, a personal trainer and founder of Such A Time –an organization dedicated to bringing together and encouraging young women “as they pursue God’s will in their lives ” – is responsible for coordinating and choreographing the flash mob.

“The Lord gave me this dream three years ago to do a flash mob,” Roose said.

Roose has been involved with In His Steps Ministry for the past eight years and teaching for six, which is where she got the inspiration to create this program.

The reason a flash mob in particular appealed so much to her was because of how it combines art, music and people to create an opportunity that is “so outside the box.”

The song selected for the performance was “Sold Out” by Hawk Nelson. Roose selected the song, which exalts the idea of living “sold out” for Jesus, because of its upbeat sound and inspirational message.

In order to prepare for the performance, participants were asked to attend one of two rehearsals offered every day at Life Church Christian Center Monday through Friday, for a total of ten hours of rehearsal.

They arrived about a half hour ahead of the scheduled performance to mill around Merchants Square and pose as typical tourists. Parents looked on from the sidelines, anxiously scanning the sky as storm clouds started to mount.

Luckily the weather just barely held out, and the performance was able to go on as planned.

When all was said and done, Roose said the flash mob achieved its goal of sharing joy and inspiration with one another and whoever happened to see them.

“I hoped it would be a blessing to our participants, but I didn’t realize this would be such a blessing. The adults who have worked with our students have treasured this opportunity and it’s been great to see everyone being so helpful and so faithful.”