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grafton logoThe 278 members of Grafton High School’s class of 2015 will graduate in a Friday commencement ceremony.

The event is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Friday, the first of four graduation ceremonies that day at William & Mary Hall in the City of Williamsburg.

Sixty-three percent of the graduating seniors plan to attend four-year colleges or universities in the fall, 23 percent will attend two-year colleges, nine percent will enter the workforce and five percent plan on joining the armed services.

Seventy-six members of the class of 2015 earned nearly $8.2 million in scholarships. A full list of scholarships won by the graduates is available here.

The valedictorian of the class of 2015 is Hyeon-U Kang, who will attend the College of William & Mary. The salutatorian is William & Mary-bound Cinyu Chi.

Find out more about Kang and Chi, along with a full list of graduates, below:

Hyeon-U Kang, valedictorian

Hyeon-U Kang
Hyeon-U Kang

Age: 19
Parents: Woong Kang and Keum-Hwa Choi
GPA: 4.89
High School Extracurricular activities: Tennis, National Honor Society, Chess, Math Honor Society, Governor’s School’s Student Advisory Board
Community Involvement: Nursing Home and Peninsula Korean Youth Orchestra
College attending: William & Mary
Studying/Major: Accounting/Computer Science
Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn’t expect to learn: Value of sleep
Name one person who has influenced you and why: My sister Rachelle is my biggest role model and someone who I respect the most in the world. She makes me into a better person everyday by pointing out my flaws and at the same time boosting my confidence. She was there for me ever since I needed a diaper change. I have no idea what I will do without her.
Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I grew up hating literature or anything that had to do with liberal arts. My views have changed thanks to Mr. Green, my English teacher. After listening to two years of his lecture, I am starting to understand the joy and value of literature.
Favorite quote or catchphrase: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway
Most cherished high school memory: My Freshman year of tennis team. It was the only year when I actually looked forward to every practice or even school.


Cinyu Chi, salutatorian

Cinyu Chi
Cinyu Chi

Age: 17
Parents: Ting-Fung Chi and Chin-Ling Hsu
GPA: 4.77
High School Extracurricular activities: National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Piano, Asian Association, Key Club
Community Involvement: Volunteer for the First Tee YMCA, Volunteer for Riverside Regional Hospital, Assistant Teacher at the Peninsula Chinese School
College attending: William & Mary
Studying/Major: Health Sciences and Kinesiology & Accounting
Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn’t expect to learn: Intelligence is not and cannot be measured by academic success. It’s ironic that I’m writing this as the most important lesson I learned considering the fact that I’m salutatorian, but I’ve met many intelligent and bright students with mediocre grades. It’s not that they can’t get good grades; it’s just that they’re not willing to put in the effort.
Name one person who has influenced you and why: My dad. He’s been influential in my decision to pursue a career in medicine. He’s always encouraged me to pursue my interests, and he’s challenged me to learn more. He’s given me the freedom to be independent, to be responsible for myself.
Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would like to thank Dr. Patterson, my biology teacher at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology, for being the best teacher and the quirkiest teacher I’ve ever had. Dr. Patterson gives all her students the opportunity to learn and ask questions, and she always answers them to the best of her ability. She’s taught me more than just course content; she extends my knowledge to the outside world and encourages her students to explore and to be curious.
Favorite quote or catchphrase: “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” – Margaret Mead
Most cherished high school memory: The most profound memory of my high school career is the moment Mr. Green, my English teacher, told us the cold, hard truth: “I’m going to be completely honest with you. Unlike what your parents tell you, you can’t be anything you want to be.” Very few people tell the truth about the lives ahead of us and that blinds us to the realities of growing up. Being teenagers, we all think we’re invincible, and we’re not. We just assume that everything will be alright. Mr. Green, at least, is honest about what the future may hold, and I appreciate that.

Below is the full list of graduates in the class of 2015 and their top 10 colleges:

Joseph Robert Acker
Patrick Travis Agee
Aileen Ulla Ahlers
Linda Marie Alexander
Alli Marie Aliff
Donovan James Allen
Grant David Allen
Brittany Nicole Allih
Maryam Hana Alomar
David Chapin Anderson
Jacquelyn Suzanne Armstrong
Steven Lee Arndt
Julie Ann Asbury
Morgan Elaine Ashby
Leah Marie Askin
Elizabeth Jeanne Ballman
Megan Elizabeth Barnard
Miranda Lynn Barringer
Richard Stephen Barron
Andrew William Baskin
Paige Michelle Baxter
John William Bednarek
Lukas Rutger Bergstrom
Austin Chandler Birkicht
James Kenneth Bittner
Jason Mann Blaha
Raychel Elaine Blanchette
Rachel Hope Bloxom
Elijah Tyler Bobinger
Taylor Meshay Bradshaw
Brock Tyler Braidwood
Giulia Bratosin
Erica Nichole Brizendine
Amber Maya Brown
Jaimie Alison Brown
Megan Marie Brown
Trilby Elise Brush
Tyler Alan Bryant
Hannah Frey Burkhard
Kendra Tyshana Burns
Connor Elliott Busdeker
Austin Thomas Calhoon
Connor William Campbell
Mason Reed Cape
Francisco Salvador James Cardenas-Pitchford
Alexei James Cartwright
Megan Elyse Cattles
Danijela Celar
Angela Chang
Courtney Michelle Chavis
Ying-Ju Chen
Cinyu Chi
Adam Timothy Church
Jessica Renee Coleman
Brendan Douglas Comer
Helen Ke’Alohi Cooper
Patrick Alexander Corts
Colin Hunter Costigan
Kaija Francesca Craft
Ty-Shawn Shaquille Brandon Crocker
Megan Elizabeth Cundiff
Corey Payton Dalander
Rudy Devere Davis
David Christian Dean
Ricks LaVan Dearing
Allison Makenzie Deaver
Jenna Leigh DeShayes
Cody Walker DeWees
Brian Anthony DiCesare
Alexis Paige Dillon
Alexandria Margarite Dixon
Sara Ann Eckelman
Andrew Michael Deen Evitts
Talya Elise Faggart
Javier Antonio Fallon
Adam Christopher Farley
Lilly Marlene Fawcett
Alexis Taylor Fendrick
Hal Ferguson
Haley Alexis Ferguson
Meredith Ashton Fisher
Bryanna Rose Flores-Kronk
Saul Carlos Fortune
Luke Edward Fowler
Jay Otto Fox
Sarah Jean Fralich
Christine Nicole Freres
Matthew Lawson Fry
Vanessa Carleen Fuentes
Juan Camilo Garcia
Sara Michele Gerehart
Brandon Price Gestwick
Joshua Robert Colin Gilbert
Darrick Benjamin Gomez
Daniel Stewart Hain
Allison Samantha Hale
Kimberly Eileen Hale
Christine Elaine Hall
Megan Pualani Akemi Hammock
Sang Ho Han
Brandon Ray Hannaman
Brandi Kay Harbert
Mary Kathryn Harrah
Warren D Harris III
Catherine Ann Hart
Hannah Rae Hartzheim
Megan Lynn Harvey
Tom Joshua Hawkins
Borden Saunders Hayes
Jessica Anne Haywood
Katelyn Marie Heard
Jennifer Ellen Hebert
Ashleigh Sara Heintzelman
Gabrielle Hernandez
Andrew Wade Hipp
Alexa Latonia Hodge
Nico Hofmann
Kailen Ania Holland
Dejon Demetrous Holmes
Samuel Edward Houle
Katherine Rose Howe
Jordan Brooke Huffman
Amber Leigh Hughey
Austin James Hunt
Joshua Robert Ingersoll
Breanne Christina Irons
Rebekah Anne Jakola
Ryan Tyler Jessup
Alexis Lee Johnson
Victoria Yeri Joo
Masin David Jordan
Seth Xavier Kaneer
Hyeon-U Kang
Karese Nichol Kaw-uh
Samuel Louis Keller
Randy Aaron Kidwell
Preston James Kiedinger
Yeonwoo Kim
Nathan Hunter Kimbel

Morgan Teresa Kimmel
Andrew Byron King
William Alton Kirschke
Kathryn Hue Knapp
Michaela Rose Kniskern
Mackenzie Elisabeth Knox
Jessica Michelle Koehnle
Sabrina Koodabachus
Ruth Ann Kornegay
Maegan Lynne Kranz
Helen Rebecca Landers
Tyler James LaPorte
Darin Jarrell Lassiter
Hannah Marie Leach
Breanna Marie Lebo
Zachary James Lechthaler
Darien Nicole Leech
Sydney Cristine Lego
Aaron Douglas Leonard
Elizabeth Rose Leybold
Selena Li
Shangrila Li
Alec Conor Lilygren
Tessa Rose Lindsey
David Lyle Livermon
Kimberly Dawn Loeb
Samantha Lynn Louque
Jacob Evan Loving
Christina Michelle Lucas
David Hilton Lucy
Chandler Vincent Luke
Taylor Matthew MacKay
Damien Xavier Macklin
Christopher Wilbert Malden
Kaija Emon Mallory
Kairi Elon Mallory
Taylor Patricia Mallory
Maura Catherine Malone
Matthew James Mangrobang
Olivia Marie Mansberger
Hayley Brooke Marshall
Tyler Jacob Mathes
Layne Jacob McDonald
Michaela Marie McKinney
Alexa Rose Meller
Cheyenne Skye Mendelsohn
Brennan Antonio Mendibur
Jonathan Isaiah Mene
Julianna Nicole Midkiff
Tristan Zebediah Blaise Miller
Jozie Rene Minter
Michael Andrew Mirich
Ahmed Emad Mohamed Khalil
Laura Elizabeth Moniuszko
Amelia Maria Montieth
Nishan Urian Moomjian
Isaiah Dashun Moore
Gabrielle Maria Murillo
Cameron Michael Nelson
Rebekah Helene Nettleton
Peter Nguyen
Tatiana Henani Ho’Okupu Okalani Nguyen
Colton Lee Nichols
Emily Alexus Nilsen
Christopher Jerome Noble
Brandon Joseph Orzolek
Adam Paul Panholzer Jr
Su Young Park
Kevin Christopher Peng
Joseline Michelle Perez
James Anthony Pesquera
Stephen Anthony Pinto
Kevin Jerome Posey II
Cassandra Masra Pressey
Hayllie Kathleen Price
Neesa Erin Quillin
Jasmine Michelle Racy
Christopher Michael Rambali
Alyssa Erin Raney
Michael Vincent Reid
Kaylie Elizabeth Reister
Wesley Taylor Riopel
Sabrina Angelique Rivera
Alec Joseph Rizzo
Morgan Elizabeth Roane
Alexis Danielle Robinson
Virginia Marissa Roland
Brandon Noel Rose
Kerstin Ann Roth
Justina Marie Rowe
Christopher James Sanborn
Logan Michael Sauer
Stephen Walker Saunders
Hanna Alise Schenkelberg
Nicholas Robert Schwalenberg
Alexandria Eve Scilabro
Kian Anthony Sidney
Monica Ruth Singer
Brian Paul Singletary
Alexis Marie Smith
Jordan Christopher Smith
Anthony Joseph Soares
Evan Johnson Sperling
Madison Jean Spratto
Jordan William Sprouse
Alexandra Christine Stanton
Mark Douglas Stenglein
Paul Charles Stenglein
Kyrstan Marie Stokes
Thomas Alec John Strachan
Nicholas Paul Stumpo
Cory Michael Tabor
Ema Yagi Tanaka
Leon Tang
Haley Jane Tapajna
Victoria Lynn Tertychny
Axel Tyler Thompson
Gilbert Tyler Titsch
Melanie Vanessa Turner
Justin David Underwood
Michael Christopher Upchurch
Sabrina Nicole Vladu
Cameron Paul Warner
Kourtney Michele Warr
Ross Taylor Washington
Taron Malik Washington
Brady Matthew Watson
Matthew John Werling
Haley Elizabeth White
Marika Marie Whitlatch
Alexis Elizabeth Wilber
Dillon Doyle Wilbert
Laurel Ashton Wind
Anna Rachel Woloshin
May Chen Wong
Aidan Raychel Christine Wright
Xavier Rafael Wyche
Andrew Charles Yorks
Liam Charles Young

Top 10 Colleges: Christopher Newport University, George Mason University, James Madison University, Longwood University, Old Dominion Univeristy, Radford University, Thomas Nelson Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, The College of William & Mary

Senior Class Officers:
President: Zachary Lechthaler
Vice President: Aidan Wright
Secretary: Elizabeth Ballman
Treasurer: Taylor Bradshaw