York County Risk Manager Wins Award for Efforts on Safety, Defensive Driving

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York County’s Casey Nance (left) and VMLIP Members’ Supervisory Board Member Clarke Wallcraft (Courtesy York County)
York County’s Casey Nance (left) and VMLIP Members’ Supervisory Board Member Clarke Wallcraft (Courtesy York County)

The woman in charge of making sure all of York County’s property is properly insured recently received an award for her efforts on safety and health programs.

Casey Nance, who has been York County’s risk management and loss administrator since 2007, was the recipient of the 2015 Individual Risk Management Excellence Award from VML Insurance Programs, the company that insures all of the county’s vehicles, buildings, equipment and other property.

Nance’s duties include coordinating the county’s insurance program, managing workers’ compensation, maintaining insurance schedules for all of the property — which includes more than 400 vehicles, more than a dozen buildings and countless pieces of equipment such as lawn mowers and computers — and organizing safety programs for the county’s 707 employees.

She regularly coordinates with various county departments including vehicle maintenance, general services and environmental development services, something she said is one of her favorite parts of the job.

“It’s really not just a one-man team,” she said, adding she loves partnering with the various departments to coordinate the insurance program.

Each year, Nance holds a number of programs geared to the safety and wellness of county employees. While coordinating with the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety, she has held various workshops and programs on healthy eating, proper use of safety equipment and how to properly use automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

She also spearheaded VML’s defense driving campaign starting in 2010. Under her watch, 99 percent of the county’s drivers completed a four-hour defense driving classroom training course, and every year thereafter, at least 50 percent of the drivers — the minimum required number — received an additional hour of training.

Nance was largely responsible for providing the additional hour of training through the creation of a PowerPoint presentation in which she added a voiceover, so employees could view the presentation on their own time, learn from Nance and then take an online quiz.

VMLIP Members’ Supervisory Board Chairman John McCarthy said in a news release Nance was an “integral part” of the campaign, titled “Where the Rubber Meets the Road.”

Nance was presented with the award at the VMLIP annual meeting in Glen Allen on May 15.

“It was definitely an honor,” Nance said, adding she appreciated the recognition of her efforts to expand the risk management program.