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Health officials are looking for a cat that may have rabies and bit a person in the City of Williamsburg.

The Peninsula Health District said the medium-sized, pure black cat with a large tail and “gentle eyes” bit someone on Monday in the Holly Hills neighborhood off Route 199.

If the cat is not found, the person who was bit may have to undergo shots for the prevention of rabies.

If the cat is found, it will be placed on an in-home confinement period for 10 days and will not be taken away from its owner.

Anyone who has seen an animal matching the description given in the area is asked to call the Peninsula Health District’s Williamsburg office at 603-4277. If after hours, call the James City County/Williamsburg animal control office at 253-1800.

Lois Gary, a spokesperson for the Peninsula Health District, encouraged citizens to make sure their dogs and cats are vaccinated. Virginia state law requires dogs and cats to be vaccinated between the ages of three and four months.