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The April Fool's post on Colonial Williamsburg's blog Making History featured this photo of the roller coaster. (Courtesy Colonial Williamsburg)
The April Fools’ Day post on Colonial Williamsburg’s blog Making History featured this photo of the roller coaster. (Courtesy Colonial Williamsburg)

Colonial Williamsburg channeled the playful side of history with a special set of announcements for April Fools’ Day.

Included in their mischievous creativity is the Governor’s Gunpowder roller coaster, Chowning’s Tavern’s ale in powdered form, and new, colorful Lego brick making.

Read their entire list of new “plans” here.

The joke article marks the second consecutive year Colonial Williamsburg has staged an April Fools’ Day prank. Last year, the Marquis de Lafayette took over the Colonial Williamsburg Facebook page for a day.

“That got such a positive reaction last year we decided we had to do something like that this year,” said Jessica Hann, a digital content strategist at Colonial Williamsburg.

Hann leads the team behind the Making History blog where the post appeared. She said the idea for the post came about via collaboration with the digital and social teams at Colonial Williamsburg.

“It’s an exciting time at Colonial Williamsburg and there’s a lot of change going on, so we’re trying to have a little fun with ourselves and show that we’re not taking ourselves too seriously,” she said.

The post will remain on the page after today, however it will be clearly labeled to reflect that it is an April Fools’ Day joke.

The living history museum was not the only Historic Triangle institution to get in on the fun. The College of William & Mary announced its iconic Sunken Garden will be paved over to create 1,693 parking spaces.

It also posted stories saying it has found a Griffin Nest on the roof of the Student Recreation Center and that its Millington Hall has been named the top spot in the country for campus lovebirds because of its “perpetually moist cinderblock walls, lack of windows and other light, and cavernous, theater-like seating.”

William & Mary Spokesman Brian Whitson said the college has posted April Fools’ Day joke articles to its site for several years.

“The first one was five or six years ago when we turned the Sunken Garden into a swimming pool,” he said. “Last year it was revealed that President [Taylor] Reveley was Elvis.”

The joke articles are a collaboration between Whitson’s university relations staff and the creative services team. The joke articles will be moved off the front page of the William & Mary website after today, however they will be available in the site’s archives.