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A rendering shows the planned Colossal Curl's wave and funnel aspects. (Photo courtesy Water Country USA)
A rendering shows the planned Colossal Curl’s wave and funnel aspects. (Courtesy Water Country USA)

Water Country USA has revealed the details of a new ride coming in 2014. Colossal Curl will soon join the group of towering water slides at the theme park.

On Friday, WYDaily ran an article detailing the site plan for the new ride, which placed it near the park’s entrance and would require demolishing Conservation Cove. The site plan, created by Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc., shows the ride spanning the area from an existing picnic pavilion near Wild Thang to Daddy-O’s Eats.

While the site plan showed the outline of Colossal Curl, which is planned to be the park’s 18th water attraction, it did not give any details about what the ride would include or what its name would be. A section of the plans completed by a soil testing company used the name “World Alley,” which is associated with a type of ride produced by ProSlide Technology Inc.

ProSlide’s WorldALLEY rides combine two or more of ProSlide’s ride options and Water Country’s ride appeared to include a Tornado.

Water Country released details Tuesday about the ride, which includes a funnel and a wave feature. The funnel will be open and will be 24 feet wide at the widest point. The wave will be about 40 feet tall. Overall, the ride will be just under 553 feet long with a more than 67.5-foot drop length.

“Hanging ten will have a whole new meaning for Colossal Curl riders,” said Larry Giles, vice president of engineering for Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, in a news release. “There is nothing else like it in North America.”

Another rendering shows Colossal Curl. (Courtesy Water Country USA)
Another rendering shows an aerial view of Colossal Curl. (Courtesy Water Country USA)

Riders on Colossal Curl, which is almost completely enclosed, will traverse the slide on four-person clover-shaped inner tubes. Riders 48 inches and taller will be able to ride, making this the first family raft ride with that height requirement, said Jeff Thomas, vice president for Water Country USA.

“This is going to be something that’s very thrilling that you can experience with your entire family,” Thomas said.

While the site plan shows a future photo kiosk at the end of the ride, a Water Country spokesperson said there are no plans to add cameras to the ride at this time. There are, however, plans to demolish Conservation Cove.

Thomas said in an interview Tuesday afternoon the plans for next year have not yet been finalized, and the animals may be able to come back to another part of the park; he hopes the park will be able to let visitors know whether the animals will return by spring. The alligators, turtles, snakes and macaws that were housed in Conservation Cove were moved to Busch Gardens at the end of summer season.

Thomas said animals had been a part of Water Country’s attractions for several years.

Water Country released a video on the official Busch Gardens YouTube channel talking about Colossal Curl. The video followed three teaser videos that were released Oct. 28, Nov. 1 and Nov. 8.

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