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Blackbird Bakery will soon occupy the space left vacant by Nancy Thomas Galleries. (Photo by Brittany Voll/WYDaily)
Blackbird Bakery will soon occupy the space left vacant by Nancy Thomas Galleries. (Photo by Brittany Voll/WYDaily)

Chef David Everett is expanding his culinary offerings in the form of a new bakery storefront at Merchants Square called Blackbird Bakery.

The Trellis currently serves as the bakery for Everett’s three current restaurant ownership ventures — The Trellis, Blue Talon Bistro and DoG Street Pub — and that will continue to be the case with the addition of Blackbird Bakery.

“We use it … already as a bakery for those three locations, so the idea was to do sort of a kiosk for the public,” Everett said.

Nancy Thomas Gallery at 402 W. Duke of Gloucester St. closed, so Everett welcomed the new space into his control. Three years ago, when Everett took over The Trellis, he told the building’s landlord he was interested in one of the spaces connected to it by a hallway, including the Nancy Thomas space.

“We always had in mind if one of those spaces over there came available, that was something we wanted to do,” Everett said.

Initially, customers will be able to purchase the baked goods currently available in Everett’s restaurants, including bread, cookies, cupcakes and breakfast pastries.

To accommodate the need for additional baked goods, the bakers and pastry chefs already working for The Trellis will produce items for Blackbird Bakery. Their work hours will likely shift so they can work in the full kitchen during the night and early morning hours when chefs are not preparing dinner for guests. Additional staff may be brought on board to cover the demand, if needed.

In the future, Everett would like to offer sugar- and gluten-free items. He mentioned possibly making wedding cakes down the line.

“I think we try to respond to the public. I think we try to look for the needs … One of the things they’re looking for is a bakery,” Everett said, explaining that a bakery is always at the top of the list of things customers want to see when they answer surveys conducted by Merchants Square.

“Traditional bakeries are very, very tough in non-metropolitan areas … For us, we already have a successful bakery that bakes for three restaurants,” he said.

The bakery is likely to open around Sept. 16. The space did not need a full remodeling, just new paint, trim and floors. Work is underway on those projects.

“Take the opportunity that comes along, they aren’t always convenient and not generally at the right time … everything may not be right, but we know this is right,” Everett said.